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Workshop 1
Large-screen computer projection
Students look at different ways to hook up a laptop computer to a projector or large-screen TV for presentation purposes. They learn about S-VHS, A/V connectors, and VGA projection. Completion of this workshop makes students eligible to take Workshop 2, after which they may be sent throughout the school to perform these various tasks for school programs and projects.

Workshop 2
Video/digital camera controls
Students first set up a tripod and learn how to attach a video camera to the shoe for easy and accurate video-taping during extended periods when holding the camera will tire the user. They then learn how to operate both a video camera and a digital still camera for use about their school for various projects and needs.

Workshop 3
Writing a Personal Narrative
Students taking this intensive workshop explore ways to express themselves through essays and self-examination exercises. This workshop is completed when students are able to write a comprehensive autobiography illustrating not only what they've learned about themselves throughout the shop, but also the skills and techniques necessary to complete a thoroughly written body of work.

Workshop 4
Short Fiction Writing
Students will take what they know about exploring and writing about themselves to new levels in this advanced course on short fiction writing. Students must be able to recall factual experiences and complete fictionalized short stories about them. They will also indulge their imaginations as they make up experiences or people to write about. Students learn elements of writing and telling stories in this course.

Workshop 5
Public Speaking / Debate Club
In this segment of our Creative Writers Program, students learn strong oral communications skills and prepare to face off with their peers on various issues of interest to them. Students will learn proper debate etiquette and protocol, as well as how to use online discussion forums to cull and to share information. This workshop comes at the same time as the Philadelphia School District's current "Words That Shook the World" writing and speaking contest.